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"I called Azoulay Weiss, LLP throughout the case and the staff was always available to answer whatever questions I had since this was the first time I had to evict a tenant who has lived in my two family home for 20+ years. Everything went exactly like they said it would." 

Stanley R., Brooklyn, New York 

"Ouzy was referred to me by a well respected criminal attorney. I was going through a terrible time with a section 8 tenant and could not fmd an attorney to take on my eviction. Ouzy listened to my issue and gave me both the worst case scenario and the best case scenario before we proceeded. I received regular updates from both Ouzy and his assistant. Fortunately, my case wrapped up promptly with a positive outcome. I really appreciate Ouzy and his staff for making this grueling process bearable!!" 

Esther, Roslyn, New York 

"I just want to say that the eviction team has been stellar in handling my eviction cases. Although the process of eviction could of been so stressful, they helped me every step of the way. They explained each process and the different possible outcomes. We were lucky to settle the case and I do believe that's mostly due to the experience and efficiency of this company. I highly recommend them if you have tenant/ landlord issues of any kind. They are here to help!" 

Maria, Forest Hills, New York 

"This group is amazing, especially Christine. She's very knowledgeable and easy to work with. Two thumbs up." 

Solomon, Brooklyn, New York 

"The company I work for manages over 700 apartments. We have used other firms in the past but have been with Azoulay Weiss, LLP for the past 6 years. We get updates on all our cases within an hour of the case being handled in Court. Ouzy and Teddy are always available on their cell phones to talk about the case, unless they are in Court (just send them a text!)" 

Andrew, Brooklyn, New York 

"I'm a property owner and need the services of an eviction lawyer from time to time. I've used other law firms before I found Azoulay Weiss. The case I was involved in was regarding the eviction of a hoarder which I would think most property owners are afraid of the most. The firm is truly professional and all calls for questions never went unanswered. Their fees are VERY reasonable and like a 2 ton brick off my back, I was able to evict the hoarder according to the terms that we agreed upon in court. Nobody likes to evict tenants who adhere to the terms of the lease, but if future problems arise, I would not hesitate to call them again. Thanks Guys!" 

Stephanie, New York, New York 

"Super helpful, knowledgeable, is never too busy for you or any questions, and professional. Reasonable prices, I would totally use again and refer anyone in need. Thank you, I appreciate your outstanding services." 

Sophia, Queens Village, New York 

"We were very pleased with the efficient and professional service we received in evicting our difficult, non-paying tenant. Teddy was so good at responding to questions and patient about explaining the process. When you need help with an eviction, you can use his services with confidence. I would not hesitate to use him again. Thank you!" 

Jacob, New York, New York

"I was really happy with my experience with Azoulay Weiss. Teddy Weiss was my attorney and he was extremely helpful and empathetic to my situation. He was super responsive and straight to the point and met my urgency to get out of my living situation. He saved me time and money and I highly recommend him." 

Michelle, Brooklyn, New York

"I came home one night after work and saw that there was an EVICTION NOTICE posted to my door!! I had no idea my Landlord started a case against me. I was on the verge of being evicted. I called Azoulay Weiss and they filed an emergency application in the court the next day and stopped the eviction. Not only that, but the Landlord had to start the case all over again because he didn't do it by the book. I used them for my second case as well and they ensured to get me the time I needed to find a new apartment." 

Mitch, New York, New York 

"I lived in my moms apartment since I was a child. A year after she passed the Landlord tried to kick one out. My neighbor who is a paralegal told me that I have rights to the apartment because it was my moms and I lived there my entire life. I spoke to the office and after a couple of court appearances I had a new lease with my name on it. THANK GOD!" 

Arthur, Astoria, New York 

"My landlord always refused to put the heat on in my apartment and when he did it was not sufficient. He said that I should go put on a jacket if I was cold. I spoke to Teddy and he suggested that I call 311 which I did. I also had him file a case against the Landlord for lack of services. I haven't had a problem since." 

Jackie, Queens Village, New York

"After living in my landlord's home for 8 years I fell behind in rent after I got sick and couldn't continue to work. I was sued for the rent that I owed and knew there was no way I can come up with the money. I hired Azoulay Weiss to represent me and they were able to work out a deal with the Landlord's lawyer where I didn't pay a dollar and gave me enough time to find an affordable apartment. Luckily my credit was not affected." 

Robert, Brooklyn, New York

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We are always available for clients with emergent lawyer needs.

We are always available for clients with emergent lawyer needs.

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