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Our mission is to serve our clients with loyalty and integrity and to help our clients leverage opportunities and surmount challenges. We strive to maintain a culture characterized by hard work, respect and dignity for all, non-egotism. We aim to provide high quality legal services with integrity, professionalism and respect for our clients and the community. In doing this, we enjoy and strive for a collegial group practice while recognizing that our principal goal is to serve our clients effectively. 

Landlord & Tenant Litigation


We practice heavily in the representation of both Landlord and Tenants in single, multi-family, and large apartment buildings. Our client base is comprised of a broad range of investors, property developers, property managers, traditional and hard-money lenders, and private owners. Our litigation experience involves diverse forms of commercial and residential real estate.  Many of our clients own low-income housing, including Section 8 housing. Our attorneys are experienced and knowledgeable in the law and the court systems, including DHCR (Division of Housing and Community Renewal).  Our attorneys are well versed in the intricacies of the New York rent stabilization laws and codes,

and are constantly keeping up with any changes so that we can provide our client’s with the most up to date and cutting edge representation.  Whether you need us to prepare notices to cure or notices of default, notices to quit, notices of termination or nonpayment and holdover petitions, or to prepare and negotiate a lease agreement on a complex commercial property, we have the expertise to do so.  Our attorneys also have extensive experience litigating cases on behalf of both owners and landlords, as well as tenants, and therefore are able to anticipate the opposing parties position when strategizing our actions. 

Real Estate Transactions


These matters are complex and rife with potential pitfalls. It is important to retain representation from a knowledgeable real estate firm who can help you avoid traps and close the transaction efficiently.  When we represent you, we become members of your team. We will work closely with your realtor and mortgage broker to close your deal while making sure your rights are protected. Your home is likely the largest asset you will ever buy or sell. When you are selling a home or other piece of property, we understand that you need to close the transaction efficiently so you can collect the revenue from the sale and move on.

Given the substantial assets and the high stakes involved in real estate purchases, it is important to make sure you understand your rights as either a buyer or seller, and have extensive experience representing both.

Commercial & Residential Leasing

Our transactional experience encompasses sales, purchases, leases, sub-leases and licenses.  Our clientele portfolio includes the whole spectrum of property owners, ranging from landlords of single-family residences and management companies, as well as landlords who own extensive portfolios of buildings, including Manhattan skyscrapers. 

The Azoulay Weiss team is committed to negotiating the best possible outcome for you. We will prepare and negotiate your lease from start to finish as well as any lease renewals, extensions and/or amendments. We will ensure that all the terms negotiated will be spelled out in the lease, 
and our knowledge and expertise will guide our negotiations to anticipate potential pitfalls. 


Commercial Litigation

We are mindful of the desire to avoid costly litigation, and work toward that goal, however, often times when handling complex business disputes or even what might seem like a straightforward housing court matter, litigation becomes unavoidable. In the event that litigation becomes necessary, we will also be there to guide you throughout the process.  Our real estate expertise combined with our knowledge of the New York court system allows us to provide you with the best representation should a matter wind up being litigated. 

Whether it is a simple collections case, a hold-over, or a complex commercial actions, we will guide you through the process from the commencement of the action, through each phase of court intervention, including discovery, depositions and trial.  Our attorneys vigorously defend their clients both before a matter winds up being litigated and throughout the litigation process.

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